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Palm Springs Gay Resort Hotel
Palm Spring Gay Hotel

Nicholas Snow

Desert 'Pair-A-Dice' is No Gamble You'll win every time... by Nicholas Snow DESERT PAIR-A-DICE IS NO GAMBLEYOULL WIN EVERY TIME By Nicholas Snow If you enter the Warm Sands area of Palm Springs during the daytime youll spot the hotel by the giant sized pair of dice on the roof. If you enter by night, youll spot the large, lighted chandelier in the sky, suspended between two towering palm trees. Either way, when you ring the bell, a fun-loving, gracious man will answer the door and greet you with, Welcome to Paradise! Im Dale. Hes Dale Dawursk, and youve just entered his Desert Paradise Resort Hotel. This is no lieDale can speak for over an hour with barely a pause telling you all the great reasons to stay at Desert Paradise Resort Hotel without repeating himself, and hes telling the truth. Hes owned the property for several years and hasnt stopped upgrading the facility for even a minute (hes spent over a million bucks so far). The grounds are filled with custom art, including a multitude of pottery fountains, towering palm trees, vast bougainvilleas, Jacuzzi, pool, fire pit, and a chaise lounge for every guestno need to fight over them. Not only to the rooms have the freshest of linens, but all pillows, bedspreads, and blankets are washed after every stay, and air dried for the ultimate in freshness; and when placed back on the bed, the blankets are double-wrapped in sheets ala the Plaza Hotel in New York City. If you wish, the hotels staff will do your laundry for you at any time during your stay at only $15.00 a load. Each room has a direct dial cordless phone with its own answering machine, and the phones reach extends throughout the entire property, so no need to miss your friends when they call to finalize party plans. And, finally, your room key is equipped with a Ralphs Grocery Store discount card so you can enjoy those savings youre used to at home! Okay, so Ill mention more amenities! Theres an outdoor kitchen for those who like to cook; an outdoor grill for meat eaters; and Dale says people from cold climates just love using the outdoor shower in his clothing optional palace. And for the Hollywood crowd, every room is named after a star, but get this: when you check in, the stars movie will be playing on your TV. The Joan Crawford Room (adjacent to the Bette Davis Room) has a wet bar and then theres the Marilyn Monroe/Monica Lewinsky Presidential Suite (gee, I wonder what movies are on in that room during check-in?). By the way, the only wire hanger on the entire property is in the Joan Crawford room. Theres an ice berg in steamy Warm Sands, because what Ive told you about the Desert Paradise Resort Hotel is truly just the tip! You wont believe this place, and Im not exaggerating. Heres the ultimate compliment. Sometimes, if youre at a small owner-operated property, you feel like you might be imposing on the owner. Not true in this Desert Paradise. At every moment, Dale and his staff show their delight in serving you. Really! The bad news: The eight hunky policemen from New York have already gone home. The good news: Theyll be back, as everyone returns. If youre gone too long, Dale will send you a postcard to let you know he misses you, similar to the one he sent to confirm your reservationif you were able to get one! Rates begin at $99.00 and go up to $199.00 for the Elizabeth Taylor Bridal Suite (because shes been a bride the most). For more information, call (800) 342-7635; visit; email; or drop by 615 Warm Sands Road.

Palm Spring Gay Resort
Palm Spring Gay Hotel

Palm Springs Gay Resort Hotel
615 Warm Sands Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264
..:: 800.342.7635 or 760.320.5650 ::..

A Clothing Optional Palms Springs Gay Resort

The Desert Paradise Resort Hotel has won the same award every year -- 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009!  Along with the Prestigious 5 PALM AWARD for Excellence in GAY Hospitality.

Our Palm Springs gay resort hotel has been honored for outstanding achievements in gay travel with the Out & About Annual Editor's Choice Award for gay travelers. The award recipients are chosen on the basis of excellence, innovations and solid gay-family travel values.

They are places Out & About editors travel to and ones they personally recommend to their friends.

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Palm Spring Gay Resort
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