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Palm Springs Gay Resort Hotel
Palm Spring Gay Hotel

Wayne (Chicago)

Trip Advisor

March 2009 marked my fifth consecutive annual visit to Desert Paradise. That fact epitomizes my comfort with its accomodations, my respect for how well it is managed, and my affection (reciprocated) for the personnel who are the face of Desert Paradise. Indeed, one reason why I consistently feel welcomed there is that I'm not a stranger to the staff nor are they to me. Year in and year out, it's the same people, including the housekeepers. Their tenure bespeaks their conviction that it's a good place to work both in terms of whom they work for and whom they look after. I always stay sixteen nights (A luxury of being retired!), and on that basis I can see the consistency with which the grass gets cut every week, the flower beds get tended, the pool gets cleaned, and linens get changed. And there's no chipped paint. But that observation only addresses the professional upkeep of the superb facilities. The best part of my extended stay is the other guests whom I meet. This year someone said to me, "I've been here a week, and there has not been a single unpleasant exchange with anyone. He was talking about a clientel where singles and couples, young and not so young, movie fans and naked readers with highlighters in hand mingle amiably and non-intrusively. Desert Paradise appeals to informed, companionable people who are rewarding to talk with. Thus, as much as I enjoy lingering on the patio during the day, it's hard to match the hours I have simmered in the jacuzzi evenings engaged in conversation. And even when people do that in the middle of the night, after a tour of the bars, they do it quietly. What's not to like!

Wayne (Chicago) 
March, 2009

Palm Spring Gay Resort
Palm Spring Gay Hotel

Palm Springs Gay Resort Hotel
615 Warm Sands Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264
..:: 800.342.7635 or 760.320.5650 ::..

A Clothing Optional Palms Springs Gay Resort

The Desert Paradise Resort Hotel has won the same award every year -- 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009!  Along with the Prestigious 5 PALM AWARD for Excellence in GAY Hospitality.

Our Palm Springs gay resort hotel has been honored for outstanding achievements in gay travel with the Out & About Annual Editor's Choice Award for gay travelers. The award recipients are chosen on the basis of excellence, innovations and solid gay-family travel values.

They are places Out & About editors travel to and ones they personally recommend to their friends.

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Desert Paradise
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Palm Spring Gay Resort
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