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Palm Springs Gay Resort Hotel

 "We've gone mobile in Paradise"  Go to:      

                      Check it out tell us what you think.

Have you seen the Paradise Live Webcams yet?  That's right we've given you 24/7 access to the Warm Sands Neighborhood and all that it offers.  Its become so popular I had to get it its own IP address.  Look for the Webcam Icon. No matter where you are, you can always stay in touch with the famous "DESERT PARADISE RESORT"  the Center of the Warm Sands, Palm Springs.

The GATSBY is back in the front of Paradise.  Brighter, Better and Prettier than ever.  As you know it's been a part of Paradise almost as long as I have.     I'm Happy to have it back in its rightful place.  

We look forward to seeing you back in paradise soon as well.          


Hi all, I am Dale the owner of the Desert Paradise since 1998. I love the resort but am getting older 74 this year. I am looking to retire and I would love to find a person or a couple to take the Resort over and let me retire knowing Desert Paradise will be in good hands. Ron and my staff have done a great job and I am sure they can partner up to you and keep the Resort moving in the direction I have started. If you know of anyone interested in making my dream yours feel free to contact me directly at

Thanks Guys




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Desert Paradise Resort Hotel
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